2015: The Year of Data Backup and Storage

2015: The Year of Data Backup and Storage

All businesses need protection against hard drive crashes, lost computers and stolen devices. Research shows that 22% of hard drives won’t last four years.[1] Did your customers make it out of 2014 without losing data from a hard drive failure or computer accident? Will you be safeguarding their data in 2015? You can easily capitalize on this opportunity with PC Backup and SecuriSync.

PC Backup

PC Backup gives your customers the simple data backup they need, while providing you with a new and reliable monthly revenue stream.

We’ve recently increased storage and lowered prices on our PC Backup service to make your offer even more compelling! Here’s what’s new:

  • Significantly reduced pricing on 10GB/user and 20GB/user packages
  • Unlimited storage option

Our new PC Backup pricing lets you gain more profits while providing your customers with simple yet robust data security.


SecuriSync gives your customers another tool to easily back up files and folders with the added benefits of file sharing and collaboration.  SecuriSync provides your customers modern data storage known as file syncing. Files and folders synced to SecuriSync are immediately backed up and made available on virtually any computer and device.

Once data is synced, users can share any file or folder with a simple click, and can even collaborate on documents right within Microsoft Office.

SecuriSync provides you with another profitable revenue stream while letting customers sync their data and collaborate on files and folders with anyone.

Make 2015 the year you generate revenue from data storage. Give your customers peace of mind with data backup from PC Backup, and file storage and collaboration with SecuriSync®.


[1] Backblaze, How long do disk drives last?, 2014