Red Rock Tech News Roundup Vol. 1

 Company News

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LinkedIn Buys Lynda

LinkedIn has bought for $1.5 Billion.  Visit for more information on the company merger.

Computers on the Go!


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The Chromebook is now on a stick.  For less than $100 you can take Chrome OS with you anywhere.  Visit CNN for more on the Chromebook dongle.


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Intel Compute Stick

Intel to sell the world’s smallest PC for $150.  If you want to take the Linux route, it will make a smaller dent in your wallet at $110. For more information, visit PCWorld.

Apple News


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Apple Watch

It is April 10, 2015, and the Apple Watch has officially released in many places around the world.  It previously had consumers holding off and wondering whether to take the leap as an early adopter, or holding off for a later time.  Today has shown that regardless of all the 50-50 consumers, many have taken the plunge and have purchased the Apple Watch. Visit c|net for some views of the Apple Watch launch around the world.

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Speaking of an Apple launch.  The new Apple MacBook has released today (April 10, 2015) as well. Apple has returned the option of a MacBook with color options, including Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.  According to c|net  the gold MacBook is back-ordered 3-4 weeks.  For more information on the new MacBooks, visit VentureBeat or

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For those who are interested in the new ultra-light MacBook, it may be time to take a mini-course on figuring out what is USB-C.  Apple is  moving toward the future and they have implemented the new USB-C on their new MacBook.  It can be used for power, data transfer, and sharing your screen.  The drawback here is that an adapter is needed for anything other than power.  For the USB-C crash course, visit PC Mag for more information.