Managed Services

What is Red Rock Service’s Premiere Managed Services?

Red Rock Service is your one stop shop for your SMB Information Technology needs. Contact us today to find out how we can focus on your technology so you don’t have to!
Why do I need a managed IT services?
Servers and workstations are like any other electronic devices, they need maintenance and care. If your company finances and critical files are stored on a server in your back room, what would happen in the event of a hardware or software failure? What about an administrative or POS workstation going down? Could your company recover quickly and efficiently from such a catastrophe? These are the questions that Red Rock Service can help you answer with a resounding “YES!”.

Premiere Managed Services

24×7 Emergency Response for Business Critical Issues
What happens when your file server goes down and you need to access those financial spreadsheets ASAP? Or when email stops working on Saturday and you’re working on preparing for that big client meeting on Monday morning? With Red Rock Service’s Premiere Managed Services, you know that a tech is a phone call away and can be on-site and resolving the issue in a matter of hours.
8×5 Support for Standard Issues
When your employees can’t get email or Word won’t open, do you spend hours of your valuable time troubleshooting and trying to get them productive again? We can give you back your time so you can focus on the business, while Red Rock Service focuses on making sure your employee’s can be productive again!
Remote Monitoring & Management
With Red Rock Service’s remote monitoring and proactive IT Policies, you will know when your network has issues as soon as they happen. The proactive IT Policies means that your servers stay updated with the latest security patches, is checked for issues on a regular basis and verifying that the backups are actually backing up your business.
Backup to the Cloud
Red Rock Service can give you the security that your backups will be there when you need them. With weekly backup reports, alerts when devices don’t get backed up and coupled with our remote support agents, Red Rock Service makes sure that your data is secure for when you need it.
Hosted PBX VoIP Services
Are high phone and internet bills killing your bottom line? We offer a free audit to make sure that you are getting the best deals for your phone and internet service. With Red Rock Service’s Cisco and Polycom Hosted PBX systems, we can drastically lower your cost, while still delivering dependable service and reliability.
Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
With the power of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, Red Rock Service offers enterprise level protection to even the smallest of businesses. With centrally managed anti-virus software, we can be proactive in updates and respond to threats as soon as they surface.
Hosted Exchange
With Microsoft Exchange, you get so much more. Not just email sync across your devices, but you also receive calendar, contact, notes and task syncing. Your employees also have access to their email from anywhere with the included use of Outlook Web Access. Do you need to keep backups of all email for legal or compliance purposes? MessageMirror from Red Rock Service provides your business with a simple, powerful archiving solution for storing, retrieving and searching all the emails sent and received through your hosted Exchange service.
McAfee Spam Protection
McAfee Email Protection shields your business using patented spam filters, an industry-leading antivirus engine, fraud protection, content filtering and email attack protection.
Managed Wireless Networks
Not only will you have a secured wireless network for your company, but you can also have a guest network that allows your clients to have internet access without giving them access to your private company resources. With Red Rock Service’s cloud managed access points, you can have dependable wireless coverage throughout all of your offices and facilities.

24×7 Help Desk
The help desk is available to quickly address your needs.  Let our help desk experts handle your technology questions whether it is a device, a software issue, or a problem with your network.

network-153537_1280Managed Servers
Tracking and analyzing your server activity around the clock through active software.  When a system or function fails to work properly, an alert is generated and our team will immediately investigate the issue and take the next steps to fix it.
Please email us and we would be happy to call and discuss this or any of our other services with you.